Every garment one picks, needs to be stitched to perfection; because every stitch has a story to tell. At Tailorswala.com, we understand the importance of these stories you wish to convey with your outfit.

A first-of-its-kind, customised tailoring service, Tailorswala.com is your one-stop-shop for all your tailoring needs. From fabric selection and personalised designs to doorstep delivery and exclusive consultations, we believe in crafting the perfect look for you with the utmost care. YOU get to pick the designs, the cuts, the colours and the fabric you wish to go ahead, while consulting with our in-house designers on the outfit you wish to create. At Tailorswala.com, we wish to bridge the gap between your needs and the latest on the runways at affordable prices.

Services provided include:

- Convenient pick-up and delivery

- In-house fashion designer at your doorstep

- Range of designs and patterns to choose from

- Pliable measurement and alteration provisions

- Professional tailors

- Diverse payment options and hassle-free assistance